Welcome to the website of Applied Economics Laboratory (AELab).

AELab is a research and education center affiliated with the School of Economics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece). Its mission is to support research, knowledge transfer and the creation of innovative technological solutions/services in various areas of modern economics and finance (macroeconomics/microeconomics, economic growth and development, regional development, agricultural economics, quantitative methods, political economics, energy/environmental economics, financial economics and investments).

Applied Economics Lab

What we do

Our team is specialized in the following sections:

  • Macroeconomic Microeconomic
  • Economic Enlargement and Growth
  • Regional Development
  • Rural Economics
  • Econometrics
  • Quantitative and Computational Methods in Economics
  • Economic Convergence
  • Political Economy
  • Economics of Energy/Environment
  • Financial Analysis and Investments

Our Team

  • Desli Evaggelia

    Associate Professor

  • Fousekis Panagiotis


  • Katrakylidis Konstantinos


  • Kazanas Athanasios

    Assistant Professor

  • Kostopoulou Stella

    Associate Professor

  • Paleologou Suzanna-Maria

    Associate Professor

  • Sidiropoulos Moisis


  • Thomaidis Nikolaos

    Assistant Professor

  • Tsadiras Athanasios

    Associate Professor

  • Tsaliki Persefoni

    Associate Professor

  • Zarotiadis Grigoris

    Associate Professor

  • The dynamic links between nuclear energy and sustainable economic growth. Do institutions matter?

    Konstantinos Katrakylidis, Achillefs Karakotsios, Dimitrios Dimitriadis, Theodoros Christoforidis

    Cooling Degree Models and Future Energy Demand in the Residential Sector. A Seven-Country Case Study

    Roberto Barrella, Carmen Sánchez-Guevara, Ricardo Barbosa, Ioanna Kyprianou, Eleftheria Paschalidou, Nikolaos Thomaidis, Dusana Dokupilova, João Pedro Gouveia, József Kádár, Tareq Abu Hamed, Pedro Palma, Raúl Castaño-Rosa

    The dynamics of capital accumulation in Marx and Solow

    Persefoni Tsaliki, Nikolaos Chatzarakis

    Investigation of the pneumatic system of recuperative hydraulic drive of a timber truck

    V I Posmetev, V O Nikonov, V V Posmetev, Κωνσταντίνος Κατρακυλίδης

    World economic convergence

    Evangelia Desli, Alexandra Gkoulgkoutsika